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Cristiano Ronaldo won the UCL and La Liga last season! He played a key... - iamediting


make your own edits i miss them
ronaldo 90 pac
93 next year
Literally did nothing till the quarter finals of the champions league
messi 94 ronaldo 94
What people dont unserstand is that ronaldo is not real madrid. Real madrid preformed well this year, winning laliga and UCL. But most of that was due to players like isco, not ronaldo. If you compare the statistica between messi ans ronaldo, messi is better in almost every feild. And in the real madrid vs. barça fixtures this year, barça won overall (one draw, one win.) Messi 95, ronaldo 94
@sb_fcb what do u mean? Ronaldo scored hat trick over hat trick in the UCL and laliga, and Messi did jack -shit this season. Ronaldo 95 , Messi 93
He deserves 95
@iammichaelreitzel most of his UCL goals we feet offside, but allowed anyway by the refs. But that's not a suprise, the refs are always biased for real madrid, just look at the red card in the ucl final. Messi did actually a lot this year, although barça did not preform perfectly. You would know that if looked at the statistics. In addition, in things you cant measure, like character, spirit, being a team player, messi is far superior. Just look at the accusations, messi was accused of tax fraud, while ronaldo eas accused of tax fraud and raping someone. Messi 95, ronaldo 94
@sb_fcb Ronaldo was not accused of raping anybody, dumbass. And Messi was found guilty and should b jailed. And what does that have to do with FIFA ratings? And the red card in the final, how many times has Messi flopped in his career? So u can't talk.
@iammichaelreitzel ronaldo is probably gonna be guilty for tax fraud too lmfao
@iamediting but guess what dip-sh*t, Real Madrid already paid off his tax lmfao
@iammichaelreitzel i am tempted not to respond, since you clearly dont know anything about soccer or politics. Messi was sentanced to jail time, but in spain if your sentance is under two years, you dont actually go. And just becuase real madrid has enough money to pay the refs and bail out ronaldo, doesnt make it legal or okay by any standard. And you say im a dumbass? Also, ronaldo was accused of rape by german newspaper see speigal and is currently under investigation. Wow, i know more about ronaldo then you do! But I'm not surprised that a ronaldo fan doesnt know shit. This has to do with ratings because of character and class, things you wouldnt understand. I think they should play a role in fifa ratings. For example, your fifa rating would be zero.
@sb_fcb ur the one arguing here
@sb_fcb furthermore, it doesn't say anywhere on the FIFA card about their personality or characteristics, or if they go to jail or not. So ur the fool here, my friend.
@iammichaelreitzel Im saying it should, not that it does. U say dumbass and shit and swear and call me a fool and get triggered and then pretend to be calm becuase i shut you down. Listen bud, there is nothing you can say that will prove that ronaldo is better, because it does not exist, and there is nothing I can say that will convince you that messi is better, because you are close minded, my friend.
@sb_fcb and there's nothing to say that Messi is better than Ronaldo, it's all opinionated. Listen, I'm tired, can we stop arguing and just think what we want to think?
Not at all