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#Conte medias

Pretty much 😂😂
09:10 PM Feb 26, 2017
Antelope Canyon, Arizona white and black conte on grey paper
04:10 PM Dec 17, 2016
S/P from this past semester white and black conte on grey paper @pigeon_grl 's hand
04:14 PM Dec 17, 2016
09:27 PM Feb 26, 2017
wip detail reworking an old drawing - 'where is the kindness' mixed media on arches 1600x1000 cm #drawing #mixedmedia #figurative #wip #figurativeart #shellac #conte #charcoal #gesso #contemporarydrawing #art #kunst #markmaking #exhibition#
08:24 PM Feb 26, 2017
#conte #comebackstronger #ghanirsportswear #pengalamanwalaumshbelajar
08:23 PM Feb 26, 2017
I can not get over how beautiful everyone was, and how beautiful these wedding pictures are🌹
08:08 PM Feb 26, 2017
09:27 PM Feb 26, 2017
07:40 PM Feb 26, 2017
Did some quick master's studies of Rafael Sanzio's figures the other day. The guy knew his stuff. #figuredrawing #masterstudies #conte #art #sketchbook #rafaelsanzio #figure #oldmaster
07:18 PM Feb 26, 2017
07:17 PM Feb 26, 2017
09:27 PM Feb 26, 2017
Continuous line self portrait. Think I'm getting a bit better at them! 😆 - #art #artist #drawing #draw #pencil #charcoal #conte #contepencils #continuousline #chalk #chalkdrawing #artstagram #artoninstagram
07:12 PM Feb 26, 2017
06:58 PM Feb 26, 2017
06:54 PM Feb 26, 2017
09:27 PM Feb 26, 2017
Ti aspetto un po' poi vengo a prenderti! #latodestridelcuore #conte 🍸
06:38 PM Feb 26, 2017
Antonio Conte admits there is every chance he will fail to see out his three year contract at Chelsea, despite the incredible success he looks set to achieve in his first season at the club. He said: ‘I think in this type of modern football, it’s not easy to start a project and to be sure you will stay a long time in the same team. But honestly not only for me, for all coaches. If you have the possibility to stay for many years in the same team, then you can work to improve your idea, to improve your players, but the result in football is very important. We all know this, and we know it can happen, that one season, you can win the title, the next season you can go away.’ #BlueIsTheColour #CFC #CFCFans #CFCFamily #CFCTillIDie #BPL #EPL #PremierLeague #PreSeason #CFCTour #Champions #ComeOnYouBlues #WearChelsea #PremierLeagueChampions #ChelseaFC #COYB #KTBFFH #IfItsNotBlueItWillBe #CFCArmy #TheBlues #Chelsea_KTBFFH #ChelseaFans #ChelseaKWT #CFCNews #CFCTransfers #CFCTour #AntonioConte #Conte
06:48 PM Feb 26, 2017
CESC FABREGAS says his initial struggles under Chelsea manager Antonio Conte caused him so much anguish he asked team-mates to not even speak to him. "I know sometimes I didn't play as much, but even in training I'm learning," said Fabregas. "Sometimes you think if you've been playing for a long time, won a lot, you've done everything - and then you realise in football you can never know everything. Hopefully I've reversed the situation from the beginning of the season. I decided I wanted to challenge myself. Not everything comes easy in life, sometimes you have to fight certain situations you are not used to and hopefully I can keep playing like that to keep my place. I can understand there are doubts with the philosophy of the manager. He came in, wanted to see if I could adapt and I can understand that. I'm someone who wants to play with the ball, maybe not so much the defensive side. But it shows I adapted to the way he wants to play and hopefully I can play more. Experience and maturity gives you this because in the beginning when I didn't play, I told people not even to speak to me because I was really upset. That changes with time. Age, maturity and experience helps you understand the most important thing is always the team. Don't get me wrong, I want to play, but sometimes you have to fight for it. The easy way is to escape, to run away, to sulk and to want to leave, to create a drama. What keeps me going is the fact that I feel really good, I feel in great condition to play football for a very long time I know in my legs, in my mind, that I've played many more games than a 29-year-old is supposed to play. But I feel young in my mind. It's all in the mind. Now with Conte, I'm learning new things, new situations, new manners, new football, new philosophy which makes a difference. It makes it entertaining."
06:43 PM Feb 26, 2017
09:27 PM Feb 26, 2017