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?? 😃😍 @danifuli10 y @marcoasensio10 . ⚽️💪 #daniceballos #marcoasensio #MA20 #realmadrid #halamadrid #halamadridynadamas #losblancos #elreal
08:33 PM Aug 20, 2017
NEXT MATCH! 🔥 ㅤㅤ 🏆 Trofeo Bernabéu 👕 REAL MADRID vs. Fiorentina 📍 At. Estadio Santiago Bernabéu 📅 Kamis, 24 Agustus 2017 ⏰ Kick-off pkl. 03.45 WIB 📺 Live di Real Madrid TV ㅤㅤ [@realmadridnote]
08:25 PM Aug 20, 2017
Klasmen sementara LaLiga Santander 2017/18 [1/38]. ㅤㅤ NEXT MATCH #LALIGA: Real Madrid vs Valencia At. Santiago Bernabéu Senin, 28 Agustus 2017 Kick-off pkl. 03.15 WIB Live SCTV & BeiNsport 2 Semoga berada dipucuk hingga akhir musim! 🙏🔥 #RealMadridIndonesian
08:14 PM Aug 20, 2017
08:50 PM Aug 20, 2017
📽 | La Coruña 0-3 Real Madrid - ⚽: Bale (20'), Casemiro (27'), Kroos (62') - 🎵: Trust Issues - Drake ft. Just Bieber, The Weeknd (Jakoban Remix)
08:04 PM Aug 20, 2017
Gareth Bale selalu menjadi pencetak gol pembuka Real Madrid di #LaLiga dalam 3 musim terakhir : 2017/18: vs Deportivo ⚽ 2016/17: vs Real Sociedad ⚽⚽ 2015/16: vs Real Betis ⚽ Spesialis! 😎👊
07:52 PM Aug 20, 2017
نهاية المباراة فوز الريال 3-0 ⚽️ بيل ⚽️ كاسيميرو ⚽️ كروس مبروك الثلاث نقاط الريال يبدا بحملة الدفاع عن اللقب صدارة الليغا كلين شيت اداء رائع طرد راموس وانذار ثاني ظالم . ⤵︎ . ⤵︎ . ‏‎ ‏‎#هلا_مدريد #مدريد_عشقنا #مدريديستا #مدريد_فخرنا #ريال_مدريد #مدريدي_متعصب #مدريدي_لاتكلمني #الدوري_الاسباني #كريستيانو #راموس #HalaMadrid #HalaMadridYNadaMas #CR7 #GarethBale #Respect #Rm_4ever #RealMadrid #CristianoRonaldo #Cristiano #Legend #LigaBBv #RmLiga#Losblancos #LaLiga #APorLaLiga #APorLa12 #APorLa33 #33Liga
07:56 PM Aug 20, 2017
08:50 PM Aug 20, 2017
Top skor dan assist Real Madrid sejauh ini di musim 2017/18! Gol : • Casemiro (2) • Marco Asensio (2) • Isco Alarcon (1) • Cristiano Ronaldo (1) • Karim Benzema (1) • Gareth Bale (1) • Toni Kroos (1) • Gerard Pique (1) Assist : • Marcelo (2) • Gareth Bale (2) • Dani Carvajal (1) • Isco Alarcon (1) • Lucas Vazquez (1) • Karim Benzema (1) #RealMadridIndonesian
07:40 PM Aug 20, 2017
Gol Casemiro ke gawang Deportivo La Coruña 27' (assist Marcelo). 🎥 #RMLiga
07:13 PM Aug 20, 2017
Gol Toni Kroos ke gawang Deportivo La Coruña 62' (assist Gareth Bale). 🎥 #RMLiga
07:19 PM Aug 20, 2017
08:50 PM Aug 20, 2017
Hola madridistas❤... it's been a while since I was active everyday and posting millions of pictures, like in 2016. Last year was the best I could have asked for. I had such an incredible success, which I thought I would never have in my life and I'm still so thankful. Suddenly back then I had to take a visit at the hospital for a few weeks, in which I wasn't able to be active anymore, because my illness fired back, which made me more and more sick. The point is, as much as I tried I could never ever reach this level of popularity, I once got unexpectedly in 2016, again. I never cared about numbers, but with success there came "responsibility" and from that moment I felt like "I have to post" to stay on that level, but that was not my intention I had, when I started this page with the will to share my passion about this wonderful club, with the wonderful player and the wonderful fans. In short I lost the fun on posting anything. Lately a lot changed in my life and I changed too. So i guess now it's time for a new chapter in my life. This means I need time to make things clear and get things back in order to be able to maybe one day fulfil my dreams and to be able to do that I do a break of being on social media, so I can be 100% focused. I just fell like it's now or never. Hope you can understand that🙏... I know Zidane is going to continue his dynasty with Real Madrid. You ask why I am so sure, because Zizou is the best, what could happen to our club. He isn't just the manager, he is one of us. I have full trust in him and the team. Even if I'm not anymore here, on Instagram, be sure I will always support this club, because it's my life, my love, my everything.. so this is not a goodbye! This is just a break! But it doesn't matter, where I go or if we lose, win or tie, I will shout "Hala Madrid" till I die. My name is Sofian. I love y'all. HALA MADRID Y NADA MÁS😍❤ ▪ #Thankyou #Duodecima #CristianoRonaldo #Cristiano #Ronaldo #Ronaldo7 #CR7 #CR7fans #Bale #Benzema #Ramos #Zidane #RealMadrid #Real #Madrid #LosBlancos #HalaMadrid #HalaMadridYNadaMas #Vamos #Madridista #ChampionsLeague #LaLiga #Futbol #Football #Training #Goal #Follow #Followme #Like4Like #L4L
07:13 PM Aug 20, 2017
Gol Gareth Bale ke gawang Deportivo La Coruña 20' (assist Karim Benzema). 🎥 #RMLiga
07:08 PM Aug 20, 2017
FULLTIME: Real Madrid 3-0 Deportivo Goals by bale, casemerio, and kroos⚽️ Ramos got a undeserved stupid red card🙄 But overall we did very goooood🔥 Double tap if your excited that la liga is back😏
07:06 PM Aug 20, 2017
08:50 PM Aug 20, 2017
📷 | #RMGallery
06:55 PM Aug 20, 2017
06:54 PM Aug 20, 2017
. . مبروك مبروك 🌝✋🏻 بداية مبشرة بالخير ان شاء الله .. تحسن ملحوظ جداً عند بيل و البنز ❤️ كروس كالعادة يدخل و يراقص اللاعبين يسجل هدف اذا بغى و يطلع كاسي مدري ولله هو دبابة او فيراري 😹 نافاس خرافي و كلين شت اهم شي + بلنتي ضايع للديبور 🌝 و الكابتن مب ناوي يتوب الله يهديه 🙄 طبعاً الطرد غير مستحق و الحكم مضيّع .. ارجع و اقول مبروك ✨ و أتمنى الصور تعجبكم 😸 .. .. ‏Like & comment Pls ❤️ ‏Tag a friend 🌝👥 ‏Follow me on " @sana.rmd " for more 🙈 ‏🇪🇸 #LALIGA #REALMADRID #HALAMADRID 🇪🇸 ‏💎#CR7#CRISTIANO#RONALDO#CRISTIANORONALDO 💎 ‏🏳 #VAMOS #MADRID #VAMOSMADRID #MADRIDISTA #LOSBLANCOS 🏳 ➰ #ريال_مدريد #هلا_مدريد #مدريد #مدريدي #مدريديستا
06:50 PM Aug 20, 2017
08:50 PM Aug 20, 2017