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🗣Isco: "Pique you bastard, salute the Champions." . Since Gerard Piqué starting playing for FC Barcelona, the club's result in La Liga: . 08-09 CHAMPION 09-10 CHAMPION 10-11 CHAMPION 11-12 Runner-up 12-13 CHAMPION 13-14 Runner-up 14-15 CHAMPION 15-16 CHAMPION 16-17 Runner-up . You're rich, handsome, go home to Shakira. Beckenbauer, the best defender to ever play the game calls you his heir, on track to retire as the most decorated defender of all time, and got called "Papi'' by Lionel Messi. . Who is Isco.? A third Class bench Warmer! . People will be jealous. :) . . . #FCBarcelona #CampNou #FCBLive #ForçaBarça #FCBworld #Messi #Suarez #MSN  #Pique #igersfcb  #TerStegen #Luisito #Barca #Mascherano #Neymarzete #Messi10 #LeoMessi #LionelMessi #Mesqueunclub #LuisSuarez #Rakitic #LM10 #Neymar11 #FCB #Campnouexperience #VamosBarça #Iniesta #spain #UCL #LaLiga
01:08 PM May 22, 2017
12:51 PM May 22, 2017
"Win,Lose Or tie barca Till i die"☹💔 We lost la liga but next season we will get back stronger than ever🙏 Visca Barca🔴🔵 @barcalegacy
12:34 PM May 22, 2017
01:24 PM May 22, 2017
@leomessi vs eiber🌹 descrive messi with one emoji🔥 - ✴FOLLOW👤 🔴@barcaxeditz 🔵for more barca content👇 - ✴Pls show some support😥 - ✴Get me to 15k?😅 - ✴FOLLOW👤 🔴@barcaxeditz 🔵 - ||Song ask in the comment🤞 ||DOUBLE TAB! ❤ ||TAG your Friends! 👥 ||Next video about?🍁 --- --- Give Credit if reposting❤ @barcaxeditz --- #Ibrahimovic #Curry #Memes #Messi #Ronaldo #Neymar #Bale #Suarez #Pogba  #Pique #FCbarcelona #Neuer #Goal #Goals #Robben #Meme #funny #Football #Soccer #Neymarzetes #neymarzete #england #bpl #ucl #italy #spain #brazil #leomessi #d10s #germany
12:24 PM May 22, 2017
Perfect Daddy 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️ #neymarzete
11:55 AM May 22, 2017
11:55 AM May 22, 2017
01:24 PM May 22, 2017
Hellooouu 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️ Heute ist wieder sau geiles Wetter 😍❤️ bin zwar noch etwas krank aber bin heute mit Rock in die Schule 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️ war heute voll unmotiviert weil ich eine Person getroffen habe, die ich einfach hasse 😩❤️ naja yolo wer bock hat der kann ja mal auf meinem Privat Acc nachschauen --> @bianca.foehr 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️ würde mich freuen 😏❤️ Neymar Fanpages folge ich auch back 😘❤️ i love youuuu 😌❤️ #neymarzete #fcbarcelona
11:52 AM May 22, 2017
Like father like son😍❤️👌🏻 #neymarjr #soccer #goals #neymarzete #fcbarcelona #brazil #davilucca
11:44 AM May 22, 2017
11:49 AM May 22, 2017
01:24 PM May 22, 2017
11:18 AM May 22, 2017
11:03 AM May 22, 2017
10:59 AM May 22, 2017
01:24 PM May 22, 2017
Let's reach 100 comments for more and enjoy amores ❤️ - Neymar's P. O. V My dad asked me what had happen with me so of course I won't lie and I told him everything and he was so mad at me. "Why you went to her house?" He yelled. "It happens dad calm down" Eva said trying to calm him down. He took a deep breath and just glared at me. "Look at you how tired you are" My mom said madly. "I'm fine guys! " I said annoyed. "You should take rest" My dad said. I nodded "The coach already gave me two weeks rest and the summer vacation is coming it's also two weeks so four weeks free don't worry" I said. "That's very good you should rest well and don't do things make you tired"He said. "Yes sure dad" I said. "Where you will go this vacation?" Mom asked. "Me and Eva we didn't thought until now" I said. "Rafa will come with you guys and Ca also" Dad said. "What about you and mom?" Rafa asked. "We won't come you guys go and have fun" Dad said. "Well" I said not feeling sure about this. "Okay then I think we should go..." I said. "What? You both will stay here Ca will come soon so we will have our launch together" Mom said getting up from her place heading to the kitchen. "It's okay" Eva said. I hold her hand and she just looked at me "Are you okay?" She smiled. I smiled too, I can't keep my self especially when I see her smile "I'm fine baby". "Heeey Eva come I want to show you my new clothes" Rafa said. She nodded and kissed me "I will back baby". I nodded and smiled. Eva's P. O. V Me and Rafa we went upstairs to her room and she start showing me her clothes and new make up "You are preparing so good for this summer vacation" I winked. She laughed "Shut up". "I know you puta" I smiled. She sat next to me and just her face turned serious. "Eva I have something to tell you.." She looked at the floor. I chin her up "Look at me and say I'm hearing you Ra" I smiled. She took a deep breath "I don't know from where I can start.." She said. "Come on Raf" I said. "Gabriel and I we're together.." She said. I get up from the bed "WHAT?" I said nearly yelling. "Shhh calm down and hear me" She said.
10:20 AM May 22, 2017
Night neymarzete💤 @neymarjr ❤ @univers_njr @njr4evah @njrcompshd #neymarjr #neymarzete #fcbarcelona #night #lfl💛
10:06 AM May 22, 2017
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like @danialves23 in this picture 😂🤔
10:01 AM May 22, 2017
01:24 PM May 22, 2017