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Dashcam Video shows the murder of Philando Castile ENTIRE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE 👉 u can also search leakyou in youtube as well to find this entire video. It took just 40 seconds for an ordinary traffic stop to turn deadly -- from a police officer saying, "Hello, sir," to him firing seven shots at a seated motorist. But the police dashboard camera video released Tuesday adds a visceral element to what police witnesses had described -- unnerving even in the context of other police shootings and after a video taken by Philando Castile's passenger went viral. Until Tuesday, few people had seen the dashcam video from July 6 when Officer Jeronimo Yanez killed Castile in Minnesota. It was shown in court during Yanez's trial. He was acquitted Friday of one count of second-degree manslaughter and two counts of intentional discharge of firearm that endangers safety. Yanez testified he feared for his life because he believed Castile was pulling his own gun from his pocket. But prosecutors said Yanez was too quick to pull the trigger. How the shooting unfolds The nearly 10-minute video shows Yanez pulling over Castile on a wide street on a clear summer evening. Yanez approaches the white 1997 Oldsmobile and leans in to speak through the driver's window. Another officer approaches but stands farther away on the passenger side. Yanez tells Castile his brake lights are out. The video does not show Yanez's point of view or the inside of Castile's car, where his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter were passengers. Yanez asks for Castile's driver's license and insurance. Thirty seconds into the conversation, Castile begins to tell Yanez that he has a weapon. 10 secs later Philando is shot multiple times Follow here: Facebook Page: YouTube series: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: #LeakYou #LeakedVideo #ExposeTheTruth #philandocastile #yanez #fuckthepolice #DiamondReynolds #murder #copskill #blacklivesmatter #blacklattesmatter #murderbycops #policekillings #stopkillingus
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Javier Yánez bate récord de salto alto en el Campeonato Sudamericano de Atletismo en Paraguay, marca con la que además se hizo con la medalla de oro. Para mayor información visita #atletismo #saltoalto #oro #sudamericano #deportes #Yanez #Venezuela
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Interesting point. Where is and was the @nationalrifleassociation ? Philando could of used the Help. #Repost @hollywoodunlocked ・・・ HU Staff: Jeroslyn Johnson @jeroslyndiva Comedian/talk show host Trevor Noah took to “The Daily Show” to call out the NRA on the hypocrisy behind their silence with the Philando Castile murder. ____________________________________________________ Usually the NRA is passionate about American’s rights to have legal guns, especially when involving issues of having to stand their ground. ____________________________________________________ However, it’s become pretty obvious that the National Rifle Association might hold back their support of the right to bare arms when it comes to black people. ____________________________________________________ #trevornoah #philandocastile #nationalrifleassociation #Yanez #justice4philando #ripphilandocastille #NRA
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"I live in a community full of diversity. It's a beautiful community. The thing is, I strongly believe that if the people within our community were to decide the verdict of this case, rationally and based on the FACTS, Yanez would be in prison." ---- LINK IN BIO ---- . . Photo courtesy of New Orleans Comics and Zine Fest . . . . . . #justiceforphilando #blacklivesmatter #philandocastile #grrrl #feminist #feminism #grrrlpower #philando #castile #yanez #blacklives #fucktrump #riot #nojusticenopeace #nojustice #trayvonmartin #bluelivesmatter #police #fuckthepolice #usa #donald #trump #donaldtrump #donaldtrumpsucks
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Honestly, despite the fact that there are innumerable atrocities that take place in the U.S. I, like many others, stay silent. But the case of #philandocastile has me ALL THE WAY FUCKED UP. The fact that there is definitive footage of what happened SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE THAN ENOUGH TO CONVICT ANYONE ELSE OF HOMICIDE. But, "it was a cop, he was just doing his job..." Save the bullshit, we all know damn well that had this been a white man, this wouldn't have even made headlines!!! why? Because he would still be alive. How many white men are killed are on a daily basis by "officers of the law" compared to black men? For doing the same fucking thing? This man was pulled over for a "busted tail light"/"routine traffic stop"/"LOOKING LIKE THE SUSPECT OF A ROBBERY"(???), informed #officeryanez that he was carrying a REGISTERED firearm, and was shot four times consecutively after attempting to reach for his wallet, and #yanez was still let off with no charges against him. If you haven't already, please watch this video by @lovelyti2002 for the full story, whether or not leave a 💔 at the end to show me you give a shit and read this, if not I'm unfollowing your ass, I don't need more complacent motherfuckers in any aspect of my life. The video itself makes me sick to my stomach but we live in a reality where #bluelivesmattermore 🖕🏽and it needs to change, we need justice.
01:22 AM Jun 23, 2017
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