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From Marbella to Norton Canon 👰🏽💍🌞#oneweekago #bestdayever #wedding #glamourous #chicks #hat #heaven #pronovias #weddingday
04:46 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:44 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:43 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:54 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:22 AM Jul 22, 2017
@belinda_vegan Graphic🚨VOLUME UP ⬆️@vegan4life616 @lightmoveme - Chick culling is the process of killing newly hatched chickens for which the industry has no use. This occurs in all industrialized egg production whether: ▪️Organic, ▪️Free range, ▪️Battery cage In the UK, Canada, and the US. Because male chickens do not lay eggs and only those on breeding programs are required to fertilize eggs, they are considered waste to the egg-laying industries and are usually killed soon after they hatch, and shortly after being sexed. Many methods of culling do not involve anesthetic and include cervical dislocation, asphyxiation, and maceration using a high-speed grinder. Chicks are also culled in the production of foie gras. However, because males put on more weight than females in this production system, the females are culled. ▪️▪️▪️Animal tissues and their secretions are acidic, pus, and mucus forming "foods" that are unnatural for humans to eat, and contribute to constipating the human body, leading to disease, and death.▪️▪️▪️ Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction. Humans kill 60 billion land animals and trillions of aquatic animals every year to suit their pleasure in eating their corpses, not for any legitimate need to survive. All Animal use is unnecessary for purposes of: ▪️Entertainment, ▪️Pleasure, ▪️Science, ▪️Fashion, ▪️Food, ▪️Sport We admit it is wrong to harm animals unnecessarily. We say we take the interests of animals seriously and then act in direct opposition to that belief by using animals to satisfy our own trivial interests. These trivial pleasures are a matter of: ▪️LIFE and DEATH for animals▪️ We live in a consumer-driven society. Make ethical choices in what you buy, our individual choices, used collectively for the good of all animals and the environment can change the world faster than laws. Stop paying people to murder animals. Get help and guidance for 22 days, on Facebook, completely free   -#vegan #regrann#eggs#baconandeggs#babyanimals#cutepets#chicks#vegan#govegan#animalrights#chicken
04:21 AM Jul 22, 2017
Baby bird on the wire #birds #chicks #babybirds #nature #wildlife
04:19 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:54 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:09 AM Jul 22, 2017
nyzz click frm doc.....😂😂 #instagood #car #cars 🔧🔧🔧#garage #garagesale 🔨🔨🔨#ksrtc #workout #gym #bus #ashokleyland 🚋🚐 #tata #mad #chicks #streetphotography #style 🔩🔩🔩#postworkout #n #industrialdesign 🚛🚛📐📏#india 🚌🚌
04:07 AM Jul 22, 2017
Yo for reals #love #guns #chicks
04:02 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:54 AM Jul 22, 2017
03:55 AM Jul 22, 2017
03:44 AM Jul 22, 2017
Chickens! at 'Perry's Farm' i.e. Brooklet Springs. Cue tears on return home because we're no longer at Perry's Farm...🐔💚
03:41 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:54 AM Jul 22, 2017
03:35 AM Jul 22, 2017
||Now xiaohui had left us...😭💕||I enjoy every moment with xiaohui,,|| I wanted to play with both catching but is too late....I am so sorry xiaohui,,,! <@unknowgurlx hope i can meet you in my dream,💕We are sister,,!💖🙆🐥🐥#loveyou #chicks #sister
03:35 AM Jul 22, 2017
Not easy to spot but little wagtail chicks #wagtail #nest #summer #chicks #birds
03:30 AM Jul 22, 2017
04:54 AM Jul 22, 2017