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P O W E R • T O • T H E • P E A C E F U L L •
03:27 PM May 23, 2017
#prayformanchester #manchetser 💕🙌🏻🙏🏻
10:02 AM May 23, 2017
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10:41 AM May 24, 2017
06:36 AM May 25, 2017
08:19 AM May 24, 2017
Opening night of the exhibition I'm part of tonight! Come down if you're around Manchester. Part of series 'Ubiquitous' • • • • •#35mm #filmsnotdead #msoa #photography #manchetser #landscape #pupilshere #olympus
05:35 AM May 24, 2017
@manchesterunited & @manchestercity_fc fans come together for the @uefaeuropaleague_official final ! Get your club home shirt on and get to Manchester for the game folks!! @uefaeuropaleague @manchestercitycouncil #Manchester #united #manchetser #mufc
04:23 PM May 23, 2017
06:36 AM May 25, 2017
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10:41 AM May 23, 2017
🌎🇬🇧🇩🇪🌍 🇬🇧:Terrorist attacks around the world. I can not anymore ! Where are we safe? Why do you do this? Why take the lives of blameless people? I can not find words! 🇩🇪:Terroranschläge auf der ganzen Welt. Ich kann nicht mehr ! Wo sind wir sicher ? Warum macht man sowas ? Warum nimmt man das Leben unschldiger Menschen ? Ich finde keine Worte mehr. Was wird nur aus unserer Welt geschehen ? #manchetser
08:18 AM May 23, 2017
06:20 AM May 23, 2017
06:36 AM May 25, 2017
05:12 AM May 23, 2017
Home from home for the past 4 months, a bevy of some of the most wonderful people I've encountered on the planet and a spirit that is unrivalled. Manchester you're beautiful and seeing the way that you've handled yourselves in one of your darkest times of late is truly overwhelming. Stay strong, love, peace and light will prevail. Deepest thoughts & prayers to you all. 🖤#prayformanchester #manchetser
04:08 AM May 23, 2017
Manchester is my home, my life where i grew up the people are strong and united as last night shown thoughts go out to those last night and no cowards will take that away from us #manchetser #prayformanchester🙏 #staystrong #togehterwearestrong #loveispowerfulthanhate
03:38 AM May 23, 2017
06:36 AM May 25, 2017
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10:41 AM May 22, 2017
07:09 AM May 22, 2017
Part of series 'Ubiquitous' • • • • •#35mm #filmsnotdead #msoa #photography #manchetser #landscape #pupilshere #olympus
05:01 AM May 22, 2017
06:36 AM May 25, 2017