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10:20 PM Mar 26, 2017
08:48 PM Mar 26, 2017
Wow. What an honor!! I just received my invitation to the prestigious 2017 Legacy Award dinner honoring my college coach Peggie Gilliom-Granderson and her sister Jennifer Gilliom. How many players can say they were blessed enough to be coached by one of the greatest to play. I can say my coach was an Olympic Gold Medalist, WNBA Champion (2x btw) and STILL holds the record as the ALL-TIME leading SCORER AND REBOUNDER at the BEST school in the nation Ole Miss ❤️💙😘😘😘😘😘 btw she would NEVER tell anyone all of these awesome accomplishments about herself either. She is SO HUMBLE so I'll brag for her. I love you Coach Gilliom!!!! So very proud of you. #Proud #Legend #OneOfTheGreatest #ThatsMyCoach #LadyRebel #OleMiss ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
08:40 PM Mar 26, 2017
10:51 PM Mar 26, 2017
04:55 PM Mar 26, 2017
#tourdemuzyczne Jesus Christ Superstar -Teatr Rampa. Będzie sztampowo, ale : o. Mój. Boże. Było przejmująco. Było niesamowicie. Było magicznie i mistycznie. Było, nomen omen, bosko. Opadła mi szczeka przy wejściu na sale i Ouverture, zaszklily mi się oczy przy Gethsemane (te nuty @jakub_wocial !!!😵😍) Herod's song absoutnie zabiło, a końcówka - Oh. Taka ze aż nie potrafiłam klaskać, bo mnie totalnie zamurowało.. Brawo brawo brawo #weteatrze
01:47 PM Mar 26, 2017
Introducing Adriana to one of the greatest! She's loving Julie Andrew's new show. #oneofthegreatest #julieandrews #greenroom #netflix
12:42 PM Mar 26, 2017
10:51 PM Mar 26, 2017
08:48 AM Mar 26, 2017
06:14 AM Mar 26, 2017
04:02 AM Mar 26, 2017
10:51 PM Mar 26, 2017
Sporting my man Notorious B.I.G. Rest in peace. #notoriousbig #rapper #oneofthegreatest #shirt #representing
12:47 AM Mar 26, 2017
@flacoremixx2030 ta bn ahi hahaha 😎 #oneofthegreatest djs of the,kung fu master and family guy.. @laidbackluke wow
12:03 AM Mar 26, 2017
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin! Respect & Love ❤️ #naturalwoman #oneofthegreatest 💋💋💋
11:02 PM Mar 25, 2017
10:51 PM Mar 26, 2017
You gotta #love your #QB - - #michaelvick #theoneandonly #oneofthegreatest in my eyes! #QBlove!! This is one of my favorite #athletes #handsdown! - - #pass #score #touchdown #win!
05:21 PM Mar 25, 2017
01:39 PM Mar 25, 2017
I did say I'll be on stage again, new videos coming to somewhere near you!! #peridot #peridotdancegroup #dancers #male #boys #men #dance #instavideo #instavid #oneofthegreatest @peridotdance
07:17 AM Mar 25, 2017
10:51 PM Mar 26, 2017