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01:23 PM Oct 16, 2017
Class weekend in #liverpool with these heads #cavernclub #parkthebus 😍
06:15 AM Oct 16, 2017
Enough said. #lfc vs #mufc #parkthebus
12:15 PM Oct 15, 2017
03:32 AM Oct 17, 2017
Reuben's been watching too many #manutd games #parkthebus #mourinho #football #lego #subbuteo #retro #game
11:41 AM Oct 15, 2017
So they even know it themselves! As Klopp put it, its unacceptable tactics. Repost credit: @mufcfanarmy 🔴❤️🔴❤️ #parkthebus #manu #manunited #lfclegend #lfcforever #lfcforlife #lfcfamily #liverpool #liverpoolfc #liverpoollife #liverpoolfans #liverpoollove #liverpoolfamily #liverpoolfootballclub
11:23 AM Oct 15, 2017
09:05 AM Oct 15, 2017
03:32 AM Oct 17, 2017
07:50 AM Oct 15, 2017
05:43 AM Oct 15, 2017
Highlights of yesthersdays game. Its clear UTD came with fear of our attack so much fear that they forgot our defence was our weakness. I look on these tatics as a huge sign of fear known that if they went at us we would beat them silly. #afraid #parkthebus #oneshotontarget #missingpersons #ynwa❤
05:30 AM Oct 15, 2017
03:32 AM Oct 17, 2017
03:20 AM Oct 15, 2017
Rare Picture: Mourinho with the entire Manchester United team #parkthebus 😂👏🏽 Follow @football4lover
02:41 AM Oct 15, 2017
Manchester United versus Liverpool,high expectations but in the end ,a dull and boring game. This game was all about strategy and my word Jose Mourinho is indeed the real tactician. Mourinho after the match said that this game was like a game of chess and he waited for the opponent to open the door but they didn't. None of the two teams had real chances except for a handful. This game was a brilliant display of defensive strategy and holding out the opposition. Big players are expected to come to the party in big games and David De Gea did just that,the man of the moment , he pulled of some magnificent saves and saved the day for Manchester United. On the other hand, Romelu Lukaku did not step up to the occasion. He was not prolific,leathal and did not possess the ability to bury the ball from point blank range. In the end ,the defensive strategy worked just fine for united and Klopp's strategy flopped. #manchesterunited #liverpool #premierleague #draw #josemourinho #jurgenklopp #degea #lukaku #anfield #parkthebus #thereddevilszone
01:36 AM Oct 15, 2017
03:32 AM Oct 17, 2017
12:24 AM Oct 15, 2017
Mourinho when asked if he was going to Park the bus at Anfield: "We will play with One defender and 9 strikers!" - Obviously it was a joke, as he did the absolute opposite 🙄 - Partner: @_coutinhogalaxy
11:32 PM Oct 14, 2017
Tahukah korang dari mana istilah "parking bas" bermula? Adakah korang ingat perlawanan mana yang mula mencetuskan permulaan istilah "parking bas"? . Ia bermula dalam satu perlawanan liga perdana pada September 2004 di Stamford Bridge dalam perlawanan Chelsea menentang Tottenham, dimana perlawanan berakhir dengan keputusan seri 0-0. . Selepas tamat perlawanan, pengurus Chelsea pada ketika itu, Jose Mourinho berkata "Seperti yang kami katakan di Portugal, mereka membawa bas dan mereka meninggalkan bas di hadapan gawang. Saya akan kecewa jika saya menjadi penyokong yang membayar £50 (RM280) untuk menonton permainan ini kerana Spurs hanya datang untuk bertahan. Saya amat kecewa kerana hanya terdapat satu pasukan mencari kemenangan, tetapi mereka hanya datang untuk tidak kalah. Ia tidak adil untuk bola sepak kami". #atokdean #matiitubenar #parkthebus #josemourinho
10:51 PM Oct 14, 2017
03:32 AM Oct 17, 2017