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Похоже это самый невероятный маневр, как вы думаете? пишите в комменты! Потрясающие победы и мощные фейлы у нас в аккаунте! #juvetoday #bayernmunchen #сборная #Barcalona #матчтв #Lallana #оукс #ска #матч #soccergame #leomessi10 #robben #ultras #pogback
07:27 AM Aug 17, 2017
So guys recently I have been working on some edits to add something new to my account and here you see my first one, the king himself, Robben! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 COMMENT below if you like the edit I made and wanna see more like these! 😊😊😊 Now I posted about Robben because he recently wrote "Letter to my Younger self" which was really heart touching and I've mentioned below some of my favourite parts (couldn't mention more due to word limit 😕)❤❤❤⬇️⬇️⬇️ He talked about how nervous he was about joining Bayern: 🖋"But Bayern? You’ll see it as a step backward. Of course, they have the league titles and the cup titles, but for you, right now, it’s about winning a Champions League, for which Bayern haven’t been favorites. At Chelsea and at Real Madrid, you didn’t get there, either. But here’s something I want you to know: You couldn’t be more wrong about anything in your life. Because coming to Bayern will be the best decision you will ever make."🖋 This made me cry 😭❤❤❤ Then he advises his younger self to really take his ability, to score from his magical left foot from the right wing, seriously 👌🔥: 🖋"Think about it when you do reach the Champions League final that year. Think about it when, in the second half, shortly after Bayern takes the lead, Borussia Dortmund ties the game 1-1. Think about it in the 89th minute, with hardly any time remaining. Cut in from the right, control with your left. And let it go."🖋 Let it go and see the magic 😍😍😍 And finally this part which gave me goosebumps from happiness and pride 💪🏼💙: 🖋"The eight years you have at Bayern Munich will be the proudest of your career. Three Champions League semifinals. Three finals. One Champions League trophy. Six Bundesliga titles. Four cup trophies. Well, for one thing, there will be a pretty strange exit from the Champions League in 2017. I’ll just leave it at that."🖋 The 2017 UCL part is hilarious 😂 #fcbayern #bayern #munich #bayernmunich #football #soccer #footballedits #photoedit #socceredit #arjenrobben #robben #arjen #realmadrid #chelsea #amazingfootballedit #coolpicture
07:27 AM Aug 17, 2017
Torres vs Man Utd😍🔥 Suarez or Torres?🤔 Follow @Footyhdi7 @thefootballcollection
07:25 AM Aug 17, 2017
07:36 AM Aug 17, 2017
07:08 AM Aug 17, 2017
Training today with Lewy and Robben....🙅‍♀️ #fcbayern #Miasanmia #robben #Lewagoalski
07:00 AM Aug 17, 2017
06:57 AM Aug 17, 2017
07:36 AM Aug 17, 2017
Nessa foto aparece um jogador extraordinário um mágico um monstro um mito um et um gênio um jogador acima da média de um humano normal um ET , também podemos observar q nessa foto também aparece o Messi! #robben #holanda
05:51 PM Nov 4, 2016
06:37 AM Aug 17, 2017
Costa vs Wolfsburg! 👀🔥 Follow me for more! @footyhits
06:32 AM Aug 17, 2017
07:36 AM Aug 17, 2017
06:06 AM Aug 17, 2017
05:57 AM Aug 17, 2017
😱💥⚽️💥 rate this strike 1-10
05:54 AM Aug 17, 2017
07:36 AM Aug 17, 2017
Messi😱🔥 Follow @TotalMessiHD!
05:41 AM Aug 17, 2017
Wenn sie Sonne scheint, wir ganz ohne Zeitdruck unterwegs sein dürfen und dort verweilen wo es uns gerade gefällt, muss es wohl Urlaub sein ❤ #warnemünde #hohedüne #steakhouse #urlaub #ruhe #entspannung #ostsee #beach #rostock #schiffe #glotzen #zweisammkeit #meinanker #mein❤ #sand #sonnenuntergang #leuchtturm #3jahre #möwen #möwenschreie #heimat #meckpomm #chevy #schlemmen #shopping #schlendern #robben #krafttanken #insta #jachthafen
05:33 AM Aug 17, 2017
05:25 AM Aug 17, 2017
07:36 AM Aug 17, 2017