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06:35 PM Sep 19, 2017
06:31 PM Sep 19, 2017
well but being hindustani doesn't mean you can't be scum, too 🤷🏽‍♀️ #shahrukhkhan #srk #dilwaledulhanialejayenge #ddlj #bollywood #kajol #hindustani #nationalists #triggered #indiannationalists #scum
06:29 PM Sep 19, 2017
06:36 PM Sep 19, 2017
06:05 PM Sep 19, 2017
05:57 PM Sep 19, 2017
@r.hustlehoff #35mm #bum #scum #streetsofwarsaw #warsawbynight
05:55 PM Sep 19, 2017
06:36 PM Sep 19, 2017
I wonder if Shane O' Mac will be returning to Smackdown Live tonight after what happened to his father last week. 🤔
04:15 PM Sep 19, 2017
05:12 PM Sep 19, 2017
05:03 PM Sep 19, 2017
06:36 PM Sep 19, 2017
04:27 PM Sep 19, 2017
04:10 PM Sep 19, 2017
You want you to serve me ? Dm me #alphamaster #scum #sharfag #cashmaster #cashslave #findom #cashrape
04:09 PM Sep 19, 2017
06:36 PM Sep 19, 2017
#irenechallenge ?🤦🏾‍♀️ Leave it to the black people to do something so asinine! Someone’s daughter died for fuck sake and y’all wanna turn it into a challenge? So I’m guessing the #KennekaChallenge is next then right? Playing drunk/drugged and walking into a freezer is next right? I don’t put it past you black mf’s I’m beyond pissed! That could of been YOUR daughter, niece, aunty, cousin hell even your mom. But no, you wanna make fun about someone’s life being taken! Black people DISGUST me! As this man said in every single one of those videos it was a black person!! A Mexican, Caucasian, Asian hell ANY OTHER RACE wouldn’t dare to do something so distasteful and further more disrespectful!! • • I normally don’t rant like this but I have a 6 year old daughter and if it was my child who this happened to and I was to go online and see such a thing I would go mad! Insane! There’s nothing funny about someone losing their life there is nothing funny about a recording that supposedly had audio of this young girl being raped in the background. But leave it to the brain dead community to turn it into a joke. This is why no other race takes us seriously because we don’t take ourselves seriously! I’m bothered by the fact that I have to share the same skin color with them. Just makes things harder for me! “Stay woke” no! go back to sleep...maybe then your brains would function better! #scum #distasteful #ahumandisgrace
03:43 PM Sep 19, 2017
Love everything you do When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do #selfie #tuesday #feeling #melaniemartinez #currently #closeup #lewd #weeaboo #scum #lyrics #trainingwheels #candlelight #darknight
03:37 PM Sep 19, 2017
Professional scumbag by trade #scum #trash #loser
02:57 PM Sep 19, 2017
06:36 PM Sep 19, 2017