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Who would LOVE to play here?! 😍
07:51 PM Jun 23, 2017
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06:57 PM Jun 23, 2017
Who's your kid's favorit wanna be soccer player?
06:47 PM Jun 23, 2017
07:59 PM Jun 23, 2017
05:45 PM Jun 23, 2017
⚠️⚽️Are you playing the victim? I want you to be more self-aware and catch yourself when you start to make excuses or blame others. ⚽️👊Soccer is tough. Life is tough. And if you want to be successful, you need to be tough as well. ❌Do not allow yourself to make excuses. Do not allow yourself to blame other people or your environment. 😠If you want something, make it happen. If you're unhappy with something, change it. 🔐⚽️The reason most players fail and never improve is because they never take responsibility. ⚽️⚠️This is your life. This is your career. You can either let the situation be tougher than you or you can become tougher than the situation. 📌Share and tag someone who needs to hear this!
05:26 PM Jun 23, 2017
Congratulations to my baby on his Grade 6 Graduation day! Renaissance here we come!! #growinguptoofast#goingtobeswimmingwiththebigfish!! #mymessi #soccerstar! ⚽️🙏😘😘😘 #mommylovesu 🎓 @anthony_dagher
05:03 PM Jun 23, 2017
07:59 PM Jun 23, 2017
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04:50 PM Jun 23, 2017
Happy Birthday to my favorite niece! Miss. Bun head tippy toes as I like to call her. 💜 🎀💜👸🏽💜⚽💜 #auntielife #happybirthday #adventures #washington #ballerina #soccerstar
03:52 PM Jun 23, 2017
03:46 PM Jun 23, 2017
07:59 PM Jun 23, 2017
03:28 PM Jun 23, 2017
03:28 PM Jun 23, 2017
😂Lol. They told me I would never be able to build muscle on a completely plant-based diet. They told me I would struggle to survive and wither away. 😁👍Not only am I surviving… I am thriving. ❌Don't let other people discourage you from what you want to do. Don't let other people tell you something is impossible. 🔐If you believe it's possible, be brave enough to find out for yourself. It's always better for you to try and learn, than to regret and think "what if". 📌What do you want to achieve? In sport? In health? In business? Comment below. 👉👉Let's keep moving forward.
03:09 PM Jun 23, 2017
07:59 PM Jun 23, 2017
When your daughter owns 10 times more make-up than you🤦🏻‍♀️
02:41 PM Jun 23, 2017
02:21 PM Jun 23, 2017
Felicitats Leo Felicidads Leo Happy Birthday Leo Selamat Ulang Tahun Leo @leomessi @fcbarcelona *old work #pencildrawing #portraitdrawing #drawing #gooddrawing #artsy #instaart #pencilworld #berastagi #soccerstar #soccer #lionelmessi #leomessi #fcbarcelona #D10S
01:45 PM Jun 23, 2017
07:59 PM Jun 23, 2017