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The last two years have been tough in many different aspects of life. I was disappointed, hurt, and sad. I cried and wonder what the h€ll is happening!? I felt betrayal from a few. But who hasn't at one time or another in life. I naively thought certain events would no longer be part of my space, why, because I was in a different place in my life. I fell completely down, and I am slowly twirling back up. These last two years allowed me with all my struggles (hurt) to continue to strive and achieve, smile, remember to have Shukr (gratefulness), tawwakul (full reliance on Allah), to recognize everything is for a reason and a season, and "With every hardship comes ease." - Qur'an So, today Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala has opened another door for me. I accept this opening and will make the best of it until what is next, Insha'Allah. Alhamdulillāh! #Tawwakul #Shukr #PositiveVibesOnly #TrustYourDopeness #Godfidence #OneKotlin #TheJourney
02:31 PM Jul 24, 2017
Link In Bio to my new single "Love Lost" produced by Kyuuta! it's a song about a boy who fails to approach a beautiful girl... 💔Thank you @immaturecookie on the cover! - - - #summer #smile #life #motivation #inspiration #Thejourney #rap #hiphopsoul #hiphop #spokenword #lofihiphop #grime #lovelost #soundcloud #jazzhop #chillhop #soulection
02:27 PM Jul 24, 2017
FIERCELY IN LOVE: LEO BLAST. Moon, Mercury, Mars, the Sun in conjunction 🔥❤️🌞. The highest light of this archetype is loving yourself so hard you want the world to see your unique gifts of self. Not its Shadow of Ego, it's bratty attention tantrums of "it's all about me". In true Leonian regality the heart is so authentic, so generous in love, so bright, it blinds all doubt and courage reigns. Courage to be WHO we are meant to be. To shine the Suns light for others to witness. I've never been more courageous in my life. More in love with my essence of self. I am not afraid to be seen, I am not afraid to Shine. Blast that Light, my loved ones. The world is ready 🙌🏽. #FreeYourself
02:15 PM Jul 24, 2017
02:34 PM Jul 24, 2017
02:07 PM Jul 24, 2017
Not feeling well today so taking some time at home to rest up. It's been an insane month of non-stop working and pushing myself to the limit so I can build something real for my kids. Continue with me on this incredible journey ⭐️#thejourney #life #living #emo #emotions #instalife #instawork #pink #pinky #words #wordstoliveby #wordsofwisdom #feelings #heart #love #sick
02:07 PM Jul 24, 2017
I was outside watching Benji run around while the sun was setting. I had my camera out because you all know sunset + Benji = adorable pictures 😍. I looked up at the sky and the clouds were so beautiful I grabbed a quick picture. When I looked at the back of my camera this was what was staring back at me. Look at those rays!!! Such natural beauty that I didn't even notice! I then went photo crazy and was running up on the porch for better angles, changing exposure to bring out different brightness....crazy photographer things😂 This picture taught me a lesson that I keep needing to remember. . . You see I was so focused on the beautiful clouds that I missed the rays the big picture captured. A lot of the time I get focused on one specific problem that I miss the beauty in the big picture. Dont loose focus on your big goals when the journey to get there gets hard guys. Take a step back and look at the big picture to remind you where your headed. Its worth it 😀 double tap if you needed this reminder like I did!
02:03 PM Jul 24, 2017
02:34 PM Jul 24, 2017
Fear causes an imbalance of the mental, emotional, physical.. as a whole, spiritual, state. It creates insecurities you may not be aware you radiate. Tap into that subconcious you're the subject the topic don't spark self concious thoughts fuse your confidence with the power of your inner stillness 😌 Start at the root chakra to secure your stability Sacral Chakra is the seat of emotional responsibility the soular plexus is the star gate to your identity heart chakra is the green wise forest tree's serenity the throat expresses the truth of your internal energies third eye sees dreams as the psychic remedy connectivity at the crown to all living beings and divinity.. individuals and yet, meant to work in harmony with our unique abilities. So what are you afraid of..the potential of your journey? If you saw the bigger picture you'd develop our love story.. know that fear is the illusion created by a force outside our glory. Free yourself from the chains of pain, anger and worry. ...Dissolve your fears...
01:53 PM Jul 24, 2017
Big achievements always require a form of potential sacrifices. Nothing comes for free. When you have high stakes there will also be a big reward.
08:30 AM Jul 24, 2017
Overcoming difficult situations and tough decisions reward with you valuable experience. Experience that cannot be gained without such incidents.
01:59 PM Jul 24, 2017
02:34 PM Jul 24, 2017
My biggest baby ever; I'm one proud mommy - - Yorkys Gym has been around for many, many years now. Originally based on York Road in Battersea SW11, hence where the name came from. We also took an opportunity to make Yorkys better when we relocated to Tooting Broadway, to a much bigger space. To where we call home now - - Our aim day one has always been to provide an environment, whereby everyone is welcome. A gym not just for heavy lifters, competitors, fighters; but for all types of fitness related sports/activities; MMA, boxing, kick-boxing and so much more - - We have so much under one roof; a visit is strongly advise. From bodybuilding, fitness, MMA, boxing to ladies boot camp and now Yoga every Sunday at 09:30-10:30am - - Come check us out👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 - - 📍88 Charlmont Road Tooting Broadway London SW17 9AB - - ⏰Monday's - Friday's 6am-10pm Saturday's 7am-6pm Sunday's 8am-4pm - - ☎️02081271900 - - The Yorkys Family Is Solid 💯❤️ALWAYS - - ONE TRUE LOVE❤️💪🏽YORKYS GYM - -- #bodybuilding #boxing #fitness #mma #classes #inspiration #motivation #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #fitfam #ukaesthetics #gains #shreds #goals #dreams #nevergiveup #nevergiveuponyourdreams⛅ #vision #lifestyle #gymlife #makethatchange #livefortoday #resolution #thejourney #TeamYorkys #yorkysgym
01:58 PM Jul 24, 2017
"It's supposed to be HARD. If it wasn't HARD eveyone would do it. The HARD... is what makes it great." All GOOD things take time. In the mean time enjoy the journey; live, love, laugh. When you find the right path, stay your course. #underwater #scene #inthe #making #goodthings #taketime #patience #optimism #travel #love #live #laugh #enjoy #thejourney #sungoesdown #robinschulz @espindolaart
01:57 PM Jul 24, 2017
01:57 PM Jul 24, 2017
02:34 PM Jul 24, 2017
01:52 PM Jul 24, 2017
@jsonfredericks started chemo treatment today. He's one amazing dude who needs your support. Please stop and say a prayer for him and his family! For WE know God is a healer!! #ChristhealsCancer #cancercantkeephimdown #thejourney #faith #theprocess #thetestimony #healing #godwillgettheglory #trust #cancer #myeloma #myelomaawareness #lob #lovemybro #family
01:46 PM Jul 24, 2017
I have a great support system.... I REALLY DO... always have, i am blessed. I have people I can call on......and my prayer life is progressing. But sometimes.......... sometimes all you have is 5 seconds and in those 5 seconds you GOTTA DO IT FOR YOURSELF. YOU HAVE TO ENCOURAGE YOURSELF! #beencouraged #thejourney #thejourneyto40 #motivate #progress
01:45 PM Jul 24, 2017
02:34 PM Jul 24, 2017