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Taking on the challenge of making my own tarot deck! Being mine on the Rider-Waite deck. Not sure how much I like my first card but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #tarot #tarotcards #penandink #themagician
04:54 PM Jan 23, 2017
Card of the day . The magician suggests that you have the power and skill to create and manifest your desires#manifest #themagician #tarotcards #desires
02:30 PM Jan 23, 2017
11:09 AM Jan 23, 2017
01:37 PM Jan 23, 2017
Abavukile... #Magic #Dj #TheMagician
12:26 PM Jan 23, 2017
08:53 AM Jan 23, 2017
. 0: The Fool I: The Magician For our upcoming debut album 'The Fool' we commissioned @blacksailsdesign to create a full set of bespoke Tarot Major Arcana cards for inclusion with the packaging of the album. It's been a long process. We received just one a month but the end product was worth the wait and then some. Thank you Nico. #blacksailsdesign #tarotcards #albumpackaging #albumdesign #thefool #themagician #tarotarcana #majorarcana #progressiverock #sludgemetal
08:06 AM Jan 23, 2017
Monday guidance 🔥 We are being guided to have compassion for ourselves and others, in doing so we gain this new found strength.. we don't allow differences and experiences to stand in our way. Be the Phoenix and rise but keep it humble and grounded at the same time. It's all about balance. The Magician sees us through as we step into our power place. #themagician #phoenix #compassion #mondayguidance #tarotreadersofinstagram
07:52 AM Jan 23, 2017
I always get #TheMagician in one way or another when I ask about my spirit guide(s) .
07:45 AM Jan 23, 2017
06:04 AM Jan 23, 2017
04:49 AM Jan 23, 2017
Starts my morning off right! One of my fav playlists to listen to #58 💜 #themagician
05:18 AM Jan 23, 2017
05:14 AM Jan 23, 2017
Tarot A Day: Day Two- 'The Magician generally associates with intelligent and skillful communicators.' Hang with a magician, then! Try #tarot #tarotreading #themagician #tarotaday
02:59 AM Jan 23, 2017
朝鮮魔術師 MV 第2弾✌️️ * 音楽、途中からなら出来る〜🌸 なんで?? 音楽が載せられるか気になって、連続投稿しちゃいました。テヘッ😚 こっちはセリフ無しなのに、音声載せれたし💧 * お手紙を読んで、思わず抑えてた気持ちが爆発💕. チョンミョンを追いかけちゃうシーン❣️ 私も追いかけて〜😍 只今妄想中(笑) * #朝鮮魔術師 #조선마술사 #TheMagician #ユスンホ #유승호 #YooSeungho #俞承豪
01:31 AM Jan 23, 2017
朝鮮魔術師 MV 第2弾✌️️ * こちら音声が投稿できませんでした😭 BGMに使用した音楽の著作権が問題みたいです💧 前はそんなん無かったのに💦💦😭 映像だけでお楽しみ下さい〜😭 * 『私はチョンミョンじゃない』って別れちゃうシーンです😭 せつないー(இдஇ; ) 結局、本名は明かされませんでしたね。 チョンミョンは、ファニが名付け親😆 * 続きはまた明日〜👋 まだご覧になってない方は、ネタバレ注意です! * 明日は音楽載せれるかなー? セリフも入れたのに😂 to be continued... * #朝鮮魔術師 #조선마술사 #TheMagician #ユスンホ #유승호 #YooSeungho #俞承豪
01:18 AM Jan 23, 2017
12:21 AM Jan 23, 2017
Hocus Pocos 🍽 Activity #HallOfMagicExperience #TheMagician
12:11 AM Jan 23, 2017
Missing you & missing this day when you looked cute asf in all the photos and videos and I looked awkward as hell & when we got all pumped to go to Luna Park and then we realised it was just reserved for a posh school & when you left your phone on that tram but I saw it before you had a heart attack 😂❤️😩 @smocahontas__ ❤️ #mems #longestcaptioneverrrr #vamoosh #themagician
11:52 PM Jan 22, 2017
|| In 1934 stage, film and television actor, Bill Bixby, was born. With having a career well over three decades, he is probably best known for his role in 1977's The Incredible Hulk as Dr. David Banner. He left us far too soon at only 59 years old in 1993. Peaceful wishes to Mr. Bixby, he would be 83 today🎂✨ ⠀ • #BillBixby #TheIncredibleHulk #TheMagician #RetroTV #1970s
10:21 PM Jan 22, 2017