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A rough week and can't find anything. Standing on the job line to find out, your not qualified for your field of expertise. You realize most of the available jobs are all taken by automated services, droids, and robots who can work 24 hour shifts, with no rest!! It's already a competitive job market, but the nuts and bolts are everywhere!!! The technological advances are outpacing human graduates and their ability to adjust to high market demands. Artificial intelligence out competes you on every level, with no viable solution for your own survival in the job market. Damn....How do you compete with that??!!😣😥😢😭 #computertakeover #competitonisnone #competitivebusiness #jobsareobsolete #humansareobsolete #hardwired #jobmarket #wordscantexplain #futurejobs #workforce #gamers #techjobs #softewareprogrammer #coding #artificialintelligence #computertookmyjob #cyberwars #competitivejobmarket #labormarkets #technologicalchange #economists
08:04 AM Feb 27, 2017
Truth! If an 'immigrant' takes your job because they're better skilled than you they got it because of skill not because of their immigration status so instead of hating on said person maybe work harder so you yourself are at an employable skill level, if the 'non English speaking immigrant' has supposedly stolen 'your' job, criticise the system that allows discrimination against immigrants to be paid lower wages than domestics get paid, don't hate the immigrant. #educateyourself #racism #jobs #workforce
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First lesson with @clipperkayne 🙌🏼
05:18 AM Feb 27, 2017
Good job this guys got good mates to cover his @instagram addiction ------------------------------------------------Canon 750d 24-105mm f4
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shout out to all independent women! 😊👍🏻#beproud #womenempowerment #workingwomen #workforce #findyourselfandyouwillfindlove ❤😊
02:47 AM Feb 27, 2017
02:21 AM Feb 27, 2017
Current situation. ☺ Instant noodles but!! I did get ALL my case notes done before tomorrow's due date!!! #socialworker #notime #hawaii #stillhungry #selfcarematters #reallife #missgradschool #workforce
01:04 AM Feb 27, 2017
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10:21 PM Feb 26, 2017
Alright stop what your doing because I'm about to...... Just kidding!!! But seriously watch this video and if you have teens please pull them a chair next to you. Great info! Don't fear we can help. Reality is real let's get out of la la land and make moves. If not stop complaining about your current situation when you have a way out! Your children need to know how to work a budget. If not they are going to constantly be in your pockets due to their bad decisions. I can coach you to a career your lifestyle can handle!
10:18 PM Feb 26, 2017
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Proud users of @goldwellaus 👏🏼
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